Bill Weiland| President | Chief Executive Officer

Growing up as one of 13 children, Bill learned how to have his voice
heard at an early age. He has two children of his own – Bill, who joined the
Dynamic Presence team in 2009, and Molly, an energetic teenager who is
active with cheerleading, dance, and taste testing new products.

He developed an interest in natural foods during his mid teens when he
lost a bet…his sister wagered $10 that he couldn’t go a full day without
eating candy. When he broke down at 3:00 in the afternoon and ate a
Jolly Rancher, he decided to start exploring healthier food options.

He started working in a natural food store when he was 16 and began
reading books on nutrition and healthy living at a fervent pace. Paavo
Airola, Norman Walker and Paul Bragg were some of the early natural food
enthusiasts who influenced his lifestyle choices, along with the inimitable
Dr. John R. Christopher, an early pioneer in herbal medicine.

After nearly a dozen years of working in the Natural Products Industry, in varied roles within the sales and
retail sectors, he launched Presence Marketing in January, 1990.

He is surrounded by a dedicated cast of creative and intelligent people who carry out the mission of bringing
healthy products to consumers, with great energy, passion, and resolve.

With nearly 35 years of industry experience, he is uniquely qualified to lead Presence Marketing/Dynamic
Presence during booming as well as unstable economic times.

His passion for sustainable agriculture, healthy foods and integrated medicine are key drivers behind his
commitment to continue building Presence Marketing/Dynamic Presence, the only independently owned,
national – natural products brokerage in the United States.
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Bill Weiland
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