Andi Hendricks

Andi Hendricks has been in the Natural Products Industry for over 40 years and has been with PRESENCE for 14 years. Andi serves as our Vice President of Trade Services at PRESENCE, negotiating and solidifying all PRESENCE Broker Services, as well as management of the Trade Promotion Department. The diversity of her role requires collaboration and teamwork, in the oversight and guidance of her departments in strategically guiding clients on the design and implementation of brand strategies to capture optimal market share and trade optimization.

Andi started in the Natural Products Industry in the Midwest having worked retail, wholesale distribution, and brokerage. For 15 years, Andi was with United Natural Foods (UNFI) during which time she held the positions of Vice President of Purchasing and Vice President of Sales for the Western and Midwest Regions. She also served on UNFI’s Board of Directors as the company went public. Upon leaving UNFI, Andi held the position of President of Mitzvah Marketing, prior to the acquisition of the company by PRESENCE in 2007.

Andi currently resides in Seattle, Washington where she enjoys hiking, creating pottery, gardening, volunteering in community food and garden programs and spending time with her partner, family, and friends. Andi continues to have a passion for the Natural Products Industry and is proud to be a part of a company and to work with individuals focused on a shared commitment to the planet, shown through the brands we represent, and the industry causes we sponsor.