Chris Lobo

Chris Lobo has worked in the Natural Products industry for 34 years and has been with PRESENCE for 22 years.

Chris is currently an Executive Vice President with PRESENCE and handles many national responsibilities like the PRESENCE political liaison with the Organic Trade Association, and is a Business Development Manager as well. Chris is also the Sprouts Executive Lead and the Natural Grocers Executive Lead.

Chris started his career in the Natural Industry at the venerated original Alfalfa’s Market. During this time, Chris worked his way through a master’s degree while simultaneously learning the natural trade in the trenches at retail. Post-graduation, Chris found his way into sales and brokering and, in 1999, along with Michelle Lobo and Bill Weiland, founded Rocky Mountain PRESENCE.

Over decades of high-level engagement in the Natural Channel, Chris has honed his skills as a leader of multiple PRESENCE regions, and has developed key relationships at the upper reaches which has served PRESENCE and its clients well.

Chris enjoys biking, hiking, trail running, traveling, reading, acquiring art, riding motorcycles, and the occasional glass of great wine!