Christine Tzumas

Every company has a heart and soul and Christine Tzumas is just that for PRESENCE. As one of the original owners, Christine continues to serve as the company’s Chief Operating Officer managing the day-to-day of the company in addition to the Finance, Human Resources, and IT departments.  Christine enjoys working on the company’s processes and systems evaluating and perfecting them all along the way. Her goal is to give the teams the tools they need to perform their jobs and give it to them on a silver platter facilitating best in class results. Christine has always focused on the people within the organization working to mentor leadership and bring the best out in everyone. There is nothing that she loves more than seeing individuals and departments grow and thrive and exceed expectations. As COO, she plays a key role in the company’s strategic planning looking to the future using her years of experience and her wisdom. Christine also leads the company’s philanthropic efforts which support our industry’s environmental and social concerns. Christine believes in our mission statement and has often stated that “PRESENCE is not just about running a business – there’s a sense of purpose and meaning in what we do”!

Christine has been with PRESENCE since day one! Christine worked with her dear friend and company CEO Bill Weiland, starting in January 1990. They created the spark that is now PRESENCE. Today, the company has 500 employees from coast to coast and boasts a great reputation in the industry. It all came from humble beginnings in Chicago’s Western Suburbs. In the early days, Christine ran the company’s back office and also made sales calls, did store resets and pretty much everything that was necessary to build the brokerage. She was attracted to the industry, along with Bill as they both tried to live a healthier lifestyle which started with great nutrition. As Christine deepened her appreciation for healthy food, nutrition and body care products, her personal aspirations have mirrored the mainstream’s interest and the expansion of the industry as a whole.

Her remarkable achievements include winning the 2022 Top 50 Women Leaders in Illinois.

Christine’s life is not all work and no play! Her early athletic exploits on the city’s basketball courts have now given way to fun anywhere near water surrounded by family and friends. Christine loves the outdoors, sports, travel, boating and great food experiences. Christine and her husband of more than 25 years, Frank, share time in Florida and Illinois with their three children, Jimmy, Sara and Emily.