Heidi Gluchman

I feel respected and valued as an employee. Thank you for making me feel important and recognizing me for my efforts!

I share in the importance of living and surrounding myself with others who are environmentally conscious, value the importance of eating & caring for themselves with Natural, Organic, Sustainable Products, often locally sourced, supporting our neighborhood farmers & artisans.

I have been in my role at Presence for 4 years and wish I would have made the change to a company like Presence who shares in my values much sooner!

I truly enjoy helping others succeed and feel happy doing so! When I receive recognition from a customer or employee for making their lives easier, it puts a smile on my face and makes me want to do more.

Come join a group of smart, amazing, caring people who are all focused on supporting the Natural Products Industry, respecting and helping each other along the way.

Our Team enjoyed volunteering to package boxes to help support Feed My Starving Children. I am also a co-owner of the Food Shed & although most events don’t occur curing work hours, I do enjoy being able to join events to spread the word about the importance of eating & shopping local. Can’t wait until our Company Owned Grocery Store Opens in Woodstock, IL.

This program keeps me motivated to living a Healthy Lifestyle! I love the App and all of the amazing resources within, bonus is you get paid to do so! One of my favorite parts about the Live Life Well program are the challenges, which really promote team-building and kicking up my game a bit, boy do my legs hurt afterwards, but feels so good! I do also love the 30 Days to Living Fabulous benefit (so amazing that Presence Offers this) which really does help to get on track with eating healthy, moving and meditating!