Sarah Sturgis

Sarah Sturgis has always loved a good health food store. So much so, in fact, that when moving her family across the country, she mapped out potential new hometowns based on proximity to natural food co-ops, trusting that a town that could support a strong co-op was one with which she had shared values.  

Having grown up around wholesale buying clubs and macrobiotics, and then having discovered life-changing food sensitivities in her teens, she believes deeply that food is medicine; that our choices at the grocery store impact our heath and that of our communities in a myriad of ways. 

Sarah got her start in the Natural Products Industry nearly 20 years ago on the manufacturer side, wearing many hats and calling on retailers and distributors nationally. She joined Presence in 2016 and has been in National Brand Management since the formation of the department. Here, she thrives on utilizing her analytical and complex problem-solving skills to develop processes and strategies that support our brands and our teams in this exciting and evolving industry.