Achieving Missions: Ahold Delhaize Family Foundation

Expressing heartfelt gratitude, the Ahold Delhaize USA Family Foundation extends thanks for the substantial support received in 2024, surpassing $7.5 million. This generous contribution plays a crucial role in advancing the mission of Stop & Shop, Giant Food, and The GIANT Company, focusing on building healthy communities through initiatives supporting family health and nutrition. In the face of economic challenges, the Foundation underscores the importance of community programs sustained by these donations. These programs cater to diverse groups, including children and families relying on school pantries and backpack initiatives during non-school periods. Additionally, the Foundation supports those affected by childhood cancer.

Looking forward to 2024, the Foundation is thrilled to announce an expanded mission, aligning with global ambitions for healthier individuals and a more sustainable planet. While maintaining a focus on hunger and children, the expanded mission also aims to assist under-served and under-represented communities, promoting safer and healthier environments. The new mission, encapsulated as “To build stronger, healthier, and more sustainable communities by supporting impactful nutrition, health, social, and eco-friendly initiatives across our footprint,” invites companies to align their philanthropic initiatives with this broader vision. E-newsletters throughout the year will shed light on initiatives supported by brands connected to this mission.

The Foundation invites continued support through various sponsorship opportunities. Interested companies are encouraged to explore different levels and choose how they can best contribute to the Foundation’s work. Emphasizing that no amount is too small, the Foundation welcomes donations of any size, recognizing the collective impact of united efforts in this noble cause.