Alberta Co-op Ice Storm Challenges

A recent winter storm in the Portland metro area have left many with damages. The intense Portland winter storm included East winds blowing in from the Columbia River Gorge basin sending trees toppling all over the city. These downed trees caused power outages effecting over 100,000 people in the Portland metro area. Many businesses are still recovering from the damages. Alberta Co-op is among our local recovering retailers. 

In the storm Alberta Co-op lost power, causing pipes to freeze. Once the thaw began, the pipe sent water draining into the store from residential units located above. Luckily, a staff member was there and was able to turn off the water quickly. Unfortunately, the water was still able to cause a substantial amount of damage. Alberta closed in January, but has since reopened under construction. 

Any donations can be sent to the Alberta Co-op 1500 NE Alberta Portland, Oregon.