Amazon Fresh Pick-up Location in Seattle Closure

Amazon made the decision to close an Amazon Fresh Pick-up location in Seattle in late January, located in the Ballard area at 5100 15th Avenue NW. This location was opened in May 2017 and offered a drive-up, pick-up and drop off for Amazon Prime members. The closure is another indication of Amazon’s move away from Fresh operations.

The pickup only site was one of only two in the US, with the other location in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood at the Starbucks Center, which will remain open. This service provided pick up service three hours after the order was processed, scanning the license plate and remembering for future orders to expedite future order pickups. Amazon has three of its branded stores in Washington State located at the Factoria shopping Center in Bellevue, on South Jackson Street in Seattle, and on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Amazon stated the closure would help “to further focus on other nearby Amazon Fresh grocery stores”. Employees of the Seattle location have been offered employment at the other local Amazon locations.