Amazon Shifts Focus from “Just Walk Out” to Dash Cart Technology

Amazon has announced that it will be discontinuing its “Just Walk Out” technology, which utilizes AI to allow shoppers to check out autonomously at Amazon Go and Fresh stores. This decision is largely driven by customer feedback. However, Amazon is not moving away from AI-enabled conveniences altogether. Instead, the company will shift its focus to AI shopping cart technology, known as Dash Carts.

Dash Cart features allow customers to skip checkout lines, displays a running receipt as customers shop and shows real-time savings and discounts. All of these were customer requests in which “Just Walk Out” technology wasn’t able to provide.

While the “Just Walk Out” technology will be phased out in most locations, it will continue to be offered at Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh stores in the U.K., as well as at the St. Joseph’s / Candler Hospital campus in Savannah, Georgia. St. Joseph’s / Candler Hospital will be the first hospital to implement the “Just Walk Out” technology, marking a unique application of this AI-powered checkout system in the healthcare sector.

By pivoting to Dash Carts, Amazon aims to provide a more streamlined and transparent shopping experience for customers, while still leveraging AI to enhance convenience and efficiency.