Basic’s Market Farmington Location to Close End of January

Chuck Eggert is no stranger to the grocery business. In 1987, he started Pacific Foods in the pursuit of making healthy foods using organic ingredients. Pacific Foods turned into a juggernaut that was sold to Campbell’s soup company for $700 million dollars in 2017.

During this same time frame, he was involved in Nature’s Grocery a PAC NW market which had seven stores. Nature’s eventually was bought out by Wild Oats in 1999. But Chuck wasn’t done with the Grocery business. He then helped start New Seasons Market in 1999. Which now has 20 stores in the Portland Metro area.

After stepping away from New Seasons, Chuck chose to focus time on his farm and ranch and yet he was not done with the grocery business. Chuck must have been getting bored because after selling Pacific foods he started Basics Market in the same year 2017. Basics started to be a small format grocery store that focused on high quality locally sourced produce, meat, and dairy.

Basics Farmington was outside their normal format. All the previous stores have been under 20,000 Square feet. Farmington was closer to 60,000 square feet. After a serious remodel it was a beautiful store. They opened in July of 2022 with high hopes. Unfortunately, after about 19 months they’ve decided to shutter the store citing lethargic sales.

Basics only remaining store is their Hillsdale location, in West Portland.