Brookshire Brothers Partners eGrowcery for eCommerce Platform

Brookshire Brothers has chosen to integrate digital tools from eGrowcery into its online ordering and fulfillment operations, joining the ranks of independent retailers leveraging this e-commerce platform. Brookshire Brothers’ transition to the platform is scheduled for January 1st, 2024.

The Brookshire Anywhere program, powered by eGrowcery, introduces enhanced features for shoppers, including integrated coupon clipping and redemption, complex promotions, and various consumer-facing visual upgrades. Additionally, Brookshire Brothers aims to optimize its picking and fulfillment processes through a more efficient technology suite, ultimately saving both labor time and costs due to eGrowcery’s fully integrated fulfillment approach.

John Alston, CEO and President of Brookshire Brothers, highlighted the advantages of the eGrowcery platform, stating, “The customer will benefit from being able to use digital coupons and navigate promotional savings, while our store team optimizes the picking process to help save time and money.” By adopting eGrowcery, Brookshire Brothers aims to extend its commitment to providing friendly, personalized service to both in-store and online customers. Personal-shopping experts will continue to hand-select products, and the new e-commerce platform will facilitate a seamless two-way interaction between shoppers and customers. Customers can upload shopping lists, search by previously purchased items or by dietary restrictions.

“eGrowcery is honored to work with the great team at Brookshire Brothers,” said CEO Patrick Hughes. “We are committed to providing their team with a comprehensive and scalable digital solution today, but also look forward to partnering in developing new features to continually improve shopper adoption rates and basket size growth. Our ‘Team Grow’ is committed to their success as much as they are our own.”