Brookshire Brothers Stops the Presses on Weekly Ads

Brookshire Brothers is moving away from paper circular ads and towards a digital-only platform. The Lufkin, Texas-based conventional grocer is over 100 years old and specializes in smaller-format stores servicing small towns in Texas. The company has officially made the decision to stop publishing weekly specials in the newspaper for multiple reasons, including food prices that fluctuate too often for inserts to be accurate after printing and recent supply chain issues have prevented some sale items from making to the shelf or remaining in stock. Brookshire Brothers, like most retailers, is enhancing their digital operations and is moving customers in the direction of digital-only sales and online shopping. For those that still rely on the tactile circular, a paper copy will be available at the front of the stores. Brookshire Brothers is not the only retailer moving away from paper circulars. At the end of 2021, Walgreens, CVS, and Target all announced they would stop printing weekly inserts as customers have become more comfortable with digital coupons and ads throughout the pandemic.