CBS News Names Thrive Market Among Top Online Grocers

Last month, CBS News Essentials named Thrive Market as one of the best grocery delivery services for organic groceries. Selections were made by examining the most popular grocery delivery services in the U.S. that serve the widest area and have the largest variety of food and beverages. Thrive is a top contender, along with Amazon Fresh/Whole Foods Market, for consumers to receive fresh, organic groceries right at their doorstep.  

Differentiating themselves from other ordering sites, Thrive Market offers 27/4 access to a “Thrive Guide” personal shopper and asks the consumer to identify whom they’re feeding, what items they typically purchase and how frequently, dietary restrictions and identify food-related values such as organic/clean ingredients, sustainable sourcing and environmental impact, and animal welfare.  

With only a $5 per month membership fee, shoppers have access to Thrive Market’s exclusive pricing (up to 30% off MSRP) and discounted sales on organic food, healthy and alternative pantry staples, sustainable meats and seafood, beauty and body care items, non-toxic cleaners, and carbon-neutral shipping on all orders!