Central Market Broadway in San Antonio to Undergo Remodel

Central Market is embarking on a significant renovation project that will bring a fresh and bold new look to its Broadway store in San Antonio. The grocer is planning to update the store’s exterior and conduct a complete renovation of the interior, aiming to improve the shopping experience for customers and create a better work environment for store partners. “For decades, at the corner of Broadway and Patterson, a special relationship has been built between our store, this community, and our Partners,” says Stephen Butt, President of Shareholder Relations and Central Market Division. “With a commitment to strengthen that bond well into the future, we are announcing plans for a significant re-investment in Broadway Central Market. This major project will take time to complete. When our work is finished, the newly renovated Broadway Central Market and our friendly Partners will be well equipped to continue serving our customers with the freshest and best specialty products the world has to offer, for many years to come.”

Central Market is currently finalizing details and plans are pending city approval. The first phase of the project includes updates to the parking lot and construction of a dedicated produce loading dock on the upper level. Construction begins this spring and will be complete by late 2024. The second phase will begin shortly after phase one concludes and will be complete by mid-2026. Phase Two will involve reorganizing certain departments, installing more energy-efficient fixtures and equipment, expanding the café’s seating area, enhancing the breakroom and administrative spaces, and optimizing work areas for store partners.

The Broadway store first opened as an H-E-B in 1951. In 1999, it was rebranded as a Central Market. The 90,000-square-foot location is one of 10 Central Market locations across the state of Texas. H-E-B reports $43 billion in sales from 430 stores in Texas and Mexico.