CEO of C&K Market, Karl Wissmann’s Retires

As C&K Market bids farewell to its esteemed CEO, Karl Wissmann, who is retiring after years of dedicated service, the company prepares to welcome its new leader, Rocky Campbell, as his successor. Wissmann’s tenure has been defined by his unwavering commitment to excellence, community engagement, and innovation, which have propelled C&K Market to new heights of success and prominence within the grocery industry. His departure marks the end of an era, but his legacy of leadership and integrity will continue to inspire the company and its employees for years to come.

Rocky Campbell, a seasoned executive with a proven track record of success in the retail sector, steps into the role of CEO with a clear vision for the future of C&K Market. With decades of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of the company’s operations, Campbell is well-positioned to lead C&K Market through its next phase of growth and evolution. As he assumes leadership, Campbell is committed to building upon the foundation laid by Wissmann, while also bringing fresh perspectives and strategies to further enhance the company’s position as a trusted provider of quality goods and services in the communities it serves.