Digital Displays Coming to Associated Food Stores

Associated Food Stores is teaming up with Mesmerize to install digital displays in the pharmacy areas of 40 retail locations. The displays will give Associated Food Stores’ retail associates the ability to provide information to pharmacy-goers on general health and wellness issues, symptoms, diseases, treatment protocols and many other topics. The displays also assist team members in educating customers about available clinical services. Participating stores will have 43-inch displays which Mesmerize can customize to store format for optimized viewing. Customers most likely to benefit from the new displays include health-conscious shoppers waiting at the pharmacy to drop off or pick up a prescription as well those that are passing by the pharmacy while doing their normal grocery shipping, which will increase awareness of the available clinical services at the pharmacy. 

“Marketing and communications continue to evolve, allowing us to use additional methods to share the benefits of visiting our pharmacies,” said Felicia Crosson, Associated Food Stores pharmacy marketing specialist. “Associated Food Stores is always looking for ways to reach our guests and provide convenient ways for customers to stay connected and informed.”

She noted that the support organization for more than 400 independent grocers is initially focusing on installing the displays in corporately owned locations and plans to expand the program to other stores in the future.

Mesmerize is a New York-based media company specializing in patient education information at the point of care.

“The landscape of pharmacy is changing, and retail pharmacy has become more of a destination for health services and not just filling a prescription,” said Ian Stone, Mesmerize Senior Vice President. “Pharmacies are providing services such as test and treat where a customer can, for example, get a strep test and a prescription filled to treat a positive result all at the same time. Using dynamic displays to inform and educate customers with messaging and well-designed explainer videos can help convert new customers and generate incremental revenue.”

Stone noted that display technology is constantly evolving. Mesmerize regularly evaluates new developments to enhance the customer experience, which might someday include interactive and shelf level/category digital displays.