DPI Integration at KeHE Moves to Final Stages

KeHE announced as part of their FOOD.FWD strategy, the completion of its acquisition of DPI Specialty Foods. Below are updates on the phased approach to this exciting integration:

Phase 3: KeHE has completed migrating Ontario (DC45) data into the KeHE system matching DPI’s setup for the warehouse. The anticipated move over to KeHE’s technology platform for the Ontario DC was scheduled for April 7th, 2024. At that time, all open DPI Ontario purchase orders will convert to KeHE’s system and suppliers and brokers will receive POs from KeHE going forward for Ontario (DC45). Pricing and delivery methods for KeHE Ontario must be aligned with DPI’s system to meet conversion requirements. KeHE National Deals will be passed to retailers. 

Phase 4: KeHE is still in the process of migrating Tualatin (DC46) supplier and item data into the KeHE system. The anticipated move over to KeHE’s system for this DC is late Q2 2024.

Kroger Promotional Strategy – Effective with February (Book 2) 2024 Promotions, KeHE’s National promotions will operate in the following way with legacy DPI Specialty Foods Kroger business.

  • Kroger will remain on custom promotions based on their commodities and expectations. If you are a supplier promoting with Kroger through DPI Specialty Foods today, there is no change.
  • KeHE will not pass National promotions to Kroger but will provide suppliers with the funds.
  • If a supplier submits a National Off Invoice (OI) promotion, KeHE will credit the supplier’s account for the promotional amount based on shipments to Kroger during KeHE’s retailer promotion pass dates. 
  • If a supplier submits a National Manufacturer Chargeback (MCB) promotion, KeHE will not charge back the supplier for shipments to Kroger during KeHE’s retailer promotion pass dates.