DPI Specialty Foods Integration Update

At the end of June, KeHE announced as part of their Food. Forward. Strategy, the completion of its acquisition of DPI Specialty Foods. Below are details outlining a phased approach to this integration:

  • Phase 1: Kroger’s Dallas (Div 35), Dillons (Div 615), and Houston (Div 34) divisions previously serviced out of DPI’s Rocky Mountain facility began shipping out of KeHE’s Dallas Distribution Center (DC19) on 10/29/23. 
  • Phase 2: On January 28th, 2024 Kroger Fry’s Food Stores migrated from DPI’s Ontario facility to KeHE’s Phoenix, Arizona Distribution Center (DC14). In addition, DPI’s Rocky Mountain facility has been repurposed, and all remaining volume has transitioned to KeHE distribution centers in Aurora, Colorado (DC12) and Ellettsville, Indiana (DC16)
  • Phase 3 and 4: KeHE has begun migrating ONT and TUA DPI Oracle data into the KeHE system.
  • KeHE CONNECT BI™ DPI Integration Update: As of February 1st, 2024, the integration of DPI Specialty Foods data into the KeHE CONNECT BI™ is complete. As a result and in alignment with communications since September 2023, KeHE will begin charging the agreed upon KeHE CONNECT BI allowance on invoices processed February 1st, 2024 or later. Please be sure to reflect upon the agreed KeHE CONNECT BI allowance on your DPI invoices.