Eggstra, Eggstra!

Berkeley Bowl Marketplace opened in 1977 by Glenn Yasuda as a neighborhood market housed in an old bowling alley. Since then, they have moved to larger space and opened a second location and still are a neighborhood market. Always striving to provide consumers with the best quality, most ethically sourced products.

The price of eggs has been in the headlines a lot recently. Hilarious memes abound but eggs are no joke to Berkeley Bowl. Berkeley Bowl chickens lay Berkeley Bowl pasture-raised eggs on a picturesque farm in Petaluma, California, where they roam freely. The Gastro Obscura says that Petaluma was once known as the “Egg basket of the World” producing 10 million eggs a year back in the early 1900s, after the 1950s chickens and egg production fell off. According to the Berkeley Bowl website, fourth generation farmer Don Gilardi, transitioned his ranch from sheep to eggs creating a perfect spot for the chicken’s wellbeing. The chickens are clean, “fluffy, glossy, fully feathers, bright red combs and chatty.” This is due to the regenerative farming practices employed by the farmer. Don uses solar and wind powered electrical systems to keep the hens comfortable in their mobile coops. As reported by Sunny D. and Chi of Berkeley Bowl, the coops are fitted with food and hydration stations, as well as fans, misters, and cooling systems to keep the hens, eating, laying and happy. The eggs are non-invasively gathered and examined by hand to ensure the quality.

Berkeley Bowls private label eggs are local and ethically sourced in keeping with the ideals set forth by the founder in 1977, which makes them eggstra special!