Emerging Trends from The UNFI Show

Biodynamic is the newest buzz word in natural products this year. Taking it a step beyond regenerative agriculture, biodynamic generates on-farm fertility where farmers utilize resources from the farm itself to nourish the land.  Integrating a variety of animals on the farm helps cycle nutrients and provides compost for the plant life. Cover crops also contribute to on-farm fertility, adding diversity to plant life and bringing life into the earth with oxygen and nitrogen.

Functional is taking the place of the plant-based trends of years past. Packing all the vital benefits of whole foods, herbs, and supplements together in the form of shots and beverages. Brands are pumping up our average kombucha and other beverages with immune, digestive, and emotional support. 

Clean Labels are all the rage. This year, less is more than ever. Many brands are focusing on simpler ingredient panels. Reducing ingredients helps reduce possible allergens and the need for preservatives. As a result, products become more cost effective and easier to produce. 

Healthy Snacks have been elevated! From healthy on-the-go tuna bowls to functional pies. Snacks have taken the next step to ensure every calorie consumed is nutrient dense. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion suppliers are on the rise. This year’s UNFI show featured over 30 participating companies with more than 50 products across several categories.