Expanding Data Granularity

SPINS is committed to laying the foundation for the next generation of growth, providing dynamic data and actionable insights. Part of that commitment includes constant evaluation of our ecosystem, through data refresh and restatements. 

As part of our P3 refresh, released on April 8th, 2024, SPINS Product Intelligence team evaluated the data hierarchy and identified opportunities to expand attribution coding by introducing several new attributes. With the P3 refresh, Product Intelligence released 83 new attributes across themes designed to highlight how values-oriented shoppers and manufacturers are reshaping ingredient & nutrition profiles across hundreds of categories.

Let’s look at a few of the new attributes.

Food as Medicine – Diet Attributes:

Shoppers are increasingly seeking out food to prevent, manage, or treat chronic health conditions. Food as Medicine diet attributes identify products that are beneficial for specific health purposes, including heart health and bone health. These attributes unlock large sales/unit volumes across the total store to be further explored.

New attributes include…


DIET – MEDITERRANEAN DIET: This attribute evaluates the ingredient statement and identifies products that are compliant with the Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean Diet is a healthy eating and lifestyle plan that is beneficial for heart health, cognitive health, and overall wellbeing.

DIET – DASH DIET: This attribute evaluates the ingredient statement and nutrition facts panel and identifies products that are compliant with the DASH Diet. DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is a healthy eating plan designed to help treat or prevent high blood pressure.

DIET – HEART HEALTHY FDA: This attribute evaluates the ingredient statement and nutrition facts panel and identifies products that are beneficial for heart health according to FDA criteria. Products that are heart healthy promote healthy fats and are low in sodium, saturated fat, cholesterol, and total fat.

Exploring ‘Nutrient Content FDA’ Attribution:

SPINS’ ‘Nutrient Content FDA’ attributes help us investigate more about the nutrition of a product in a meaningful way. These attributes leverage the Nutrient Content Claim criteria, as outlined by the FDA, to help identify what products would be eligible to make a certain on-pack Nutrient Content Claims.

Nutrient Content Claims (NCCs) are any direct statement regarding the level, or range, of a nutrient in a food. They are FDA-regulated and are often expressed using terms such as:

  • Free, Low, High
  • More, Reduced, Lite
  • Good Source, Excellent Source

The release of Nutrient Content Claims provides a platform to showcase the innovative ways consumers and manufacturers are transforming and refining products across a multitude of categories.

Seasonal Tracking – Candy:

This attribute identifies a ‘holiday’ that a product is positioned for. This is a label-based attribute that considers label design, imagery, terminology, shapes, and other label derived information that indicates a clear specific ‘holiday.’ The attribute is not intended to capture common flavors such as pumpkin spice or peppermint that may or may not be associated with specific holidays.

Increasing the selection and filtering options gives retailers and manufacturers the opportunity to isolate the true rise attributed to seasonal candy products. This also allows users the ability to identify new/innovative, or high-turning seasonal candy products that previously could’ve been overlooked while viewing data at a higher level.

SPINS:  Natural Channel & Conventional Multi-Outlet (powered by Circana);Trended Quads; UPC-Level data; SS Candy ; Holiday Positioning

Leveraging the holiday attribute, we can see Valetine positioned items picking up steam in weeks ending 1/28/24. Following that sales spike, we see movement shift to Easter/Spring offerings, building momentum starting weeks ending 2/25/24. Later in the 2023 season, while viewing Halloween/Autumn candy products, we see sales uptick starting as early as weeks ending 9/10/23, peaking quad ending 11.05.23. Planning for Halloween 2024, these trends could prove valuable from a promotional/inventory planning perspective.

Going a layer deeper, specifically to shelf stable candy chocolate, SPINS now offers the ability to filter by chocolate Type. This attribute identifies the type of chocolate found in the product, including milk, dark, white, alternative milk, and assorted.

Milk chocolate-based candies account for the lion’s share (68%) of chocolate dollars and contributed more than their faire share towards the overall segment growth. Assorted chocolate ranked second in terms of overall captured spend and punched above its weight class in terms of contributed growth. While Alternative Milk chocolate type is an emerging offering, representing a less than one share point, growth contribution and dollar/unit growth is impressive.

For a comprehensive list of recently added attributes, SPINS’ subscribers can access the ‘Knowledge Base’ on the SATORI landing page and select ‘Attribute Enhancements’ under the quick reference material section.

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Looking for more information? Please contact the SPINS Account Manager for PRESENCE, Mike Murphy at mmurphy@spins.com.