Fall is Full of Activity for Natural Grocers

There’s no shortage of activity this fall with Colorado-based Natural Grocers. The retailer opened its latest store in Twin Falls, Idaho, on October 18th, increasing the state’s store count to six. As early as 5:30 A.M., eager shoppers started forming a line along the storefront. The line slowly extended across several storefronts until doors were officially opened at 8:20 A.M. After a ceremonial ribbon-cutting and a generous $2,500 donation to the Center of Prayer and Worship Food Distribution Center, crew members of Natural Grocers welcomed the waiting shoppers with gift cards and hand-woven bags made from alpaca wool.

Raquel Isely, the Vice President of Natural Grocers, expressed the company’s enthusiasm, stating, “Natural Grocers is delighted to open a new location in Twin Falls. We have been serving the people of Idaho since 2012, when we first opened our store in Boise.” Additional new store openings are planned for this fall, including a location in Loveland, Colorado. As mentioned on the grocery retailer’s website, you can “find our Loveland, Colorado, store just off East 8th street and North Lincoln Avenue for fresh, natural groceries you’ll love.”

In an exciting move, the organic and natural grocery retailer recently unveiled its third short film in the Meet Your Farmer series. Titled “Tree to Table,” the film highlights the sustainability, quality, and community that underlie Natural Grocers Brand Organic Maple Syrup.

“Each delicious bottle brings a connection to the land, a commitment to a higher standard, and the knowledge that our maple syrup has tapped into something special between the product and process. In this film, you’ll see the ‘wild, functional forests’ of New England and the family farmers who tend to them,” Isely said. “In this film, you’ll see the wild, functional forests of New England and the family farmers who tend to them. The film Tree to Table is the perfect addition to our Meet Your Farmer film series, as it showcases the individuals behind our products and emphasizes ecologically thoughtful practices for future generations.”

Like prior releases in the series, this film provides farmers and ranchers with a platform to discuss their methods for producing food that promotes a healthier, more sustainable future. These films serve as a catalyst for reflection, urging viewers to reconsider and challenge the existing norms in food production. In the upcoming year, the grocer intends to unveil additional short films and further enhance its educational offerings for consumers. The retailer provides an array of resources, including books, articles, recipes, and in-store classes, all geared toward a diverse range of subjects and interests. The film can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJyxX8zMnII.

Reaching beyond cinematic experiences, Natural Grocers hosted a free event October 19th, titled “The Art of Taking It Easy,” at the company’s headquarters in Lakewood, Colorado. The event featured psychologist Dr. Brian King, whose book, “The Art of Taking it Easy,” has been available in Natural Grocers stores since last year. “Once we found out that Dr. King is not only an expert psychologist and an award-winning author but also a stand-up comedian and sought-after keynote speaker, we invited him to be our premier guest speaker for 2023,” Isley Said.
Natural Grocers, a family-run business, operates an extensive network of over 160 stores across 21 states. Established in 1955, the retailer holds the 95th position on Progressive Grocer’s 2023 list of the top food and consumables retailers in North America, known as The PG 100. Additionally, Natural Grocers has received recognition as one of the 10 Most Sustainable Grocers by PG.