Favorite Grocery Chain in Each State Reveals Regional Priorities

A recent survey of grocery shoppers nationwide revealed which grocery store is the most popular in every state. All grocery stores provide shoppers with food products to buy, but each has their unique point of attraction that keeps customers in every region coming back.

If you’ve ever wondered what the most popular grocery chain is in your region and if your loyalties align, keep reading to discover where each Rocky Mountain state’s preferences keep them coming back.

Arizona: Fry’s Food Stores — Fry’s Food Stores is a grocery chain exclusive to Arizona, with 127 stores in 34 cities. Founded in California by brothers Donald and Charles Fry, the retailer made its way to Arizona in the 1960s, where it has since been adopted into the Kroger Family of Companies.

Colorado: King Soopers –King Soopers was founded by Lloyd King in 1947 with its first location in Arvada. The chain now boasts 117 stores in Colorado and one in Wyoming. The Kroger Family of Companies has taken on the chain and their locations now offer all the amenities you’d need at a grocery store.

Nevada: Smith’s Food and Drug –Smith’s Food and Drug was named Nevada’s most popular grocery retail chain and is also currently a member of the Kroger Family of Companies. It was acquired in 1999 by Kroger, but the first store opened its doors in 1911 in Utah. Though Utah-based, Smith’s has 46 Nevada locations in 12 cities and others scattered throughout the Western United States.

New Mexico: Walmart –Walmart returns to this list, now in the southwest as New Mexico’s most oft-visited grocery retail chain. There are 53 total Walmart retail location in New Mexico, including 35 supercenters and seven Sam’s Club sites, in addition to neighborhood markets and discount stores.

Utah: Smith’s Food and Drug — Smith’s Food & Drug is once again Utah’s most popular grocery store. Founded in the state (specifically Brigham City) before it was even named Smith and Son’s Market in 1911, the grocer now has 141 locations all across the mountainous West, with 53 storefronts in 35 Utah cities.

Wyoming: Albertsons — Rounding out the list in Wyoming is Albertsons. Albertsons has a total of 10 locations in the state, across a total of eight cities. To give context, Wyoming’s population is only roughly 579,000 people.

For many shoppers, grocery stores aren’t simply where they go to buy food and supplies for the week; they are an integral part of their routine and of the historical fabric of their communities. Even stores regarded as larger chains tend to have localized appeal and charm and cater to their communities with cost-cutting deals and events.