Fourth Annual PNW Volunteer Day with The Washington Arboretum

Mid-June six PRESENCE Northwest team members happily agreed to partake in the fourth annual digging into the dirt of The Washington Arboretum. Just south of U of W campus, nestled next to Lake Washington, the arboretum provides a botanical haven from dawn until dusk.  

Runners run and walkers walk among plants and trees found nowhere else in the Northwest. For instance, a Champion tree is the largest known of a particular species, is special or superlative because of height, size, historical significance, or rarity. The Pacific Northwest Crabapple tree (Malus Fusca), pictured, is recognized, globally, as THE Champion Tree. It pre-dates the arboretum and is estimated to be 90+ years old.  One of the many treasures growing on the west shore of the lake.

For our project this year, we partnered with Roy and Jana, weeding buttercup, horsetail, among other nuisances. As always, a good time to connect with team members, enjoy a bit of physical activity, share snacks, all the while taking advantage of the opportunity to give back to our beautiful northwest and enjoy a bit of sunshine. 

Dare I say, we hope to join Roy and Jana again next year. We are grateful for their continued leadership and for another opportunity to dig, pull, haul, chat, huff & puff, guzzle and … Phew, we’re done. 

In attendance: Terri Steiner, Kari Dodson, Ayn Quan, Jenny Throm, Cindy Sundvall, Chris Spencer-Cook