Gelsons Market Partners with Clear Demand

Gelsons Market has chosen Clear Demand’s AI application to enhance operational efficiency and gain insights amidst evolving consumer preferences and heightened price sensitivity. The implementation of Clear Demand’s AI solutions will empower Gelson’s to optimize pricing and promotions, customer loyalty, and expanding market share. Ronald Johnson, Gelson’s Chief Information and Supply Chain Officer, emphasized the evolving dynamics in customers’ food-buying patterns and their heightened price sensitivity. Clear Demand was the unanimous selection for Gelsons to deliver essential pricing and promotional capabilities crucial for the company’s growth and transformation.

With grocery prices in the U.S. surging by 25% since January 2020, outpacing wage growth, consumers are pushing back against these increases, even as inflation levels return to more moderate levels. Clear Demand’s AI Pricing and Promotion Management and Optimization will now manage retail pricing strategies across Gelson’s 28 supermarket locations. The platform introduces innovations aimed at boosting merchant and buyer productivity, expediting strategy development, aligning prices with shopper demand, automating compliance, and ultimately reducing the workload associated with price management and staffing.