H-E-B Launches H-E-B Wellness with Launch of Primary Care Clinics in Austin

H-E-B is stepping into the medical services and healthcare sector with the launch of H-E-B Wellness Primary Care clinics. The company opened two new clinics in Austin this month in addition to four clinics in San Antonio and one in Houston. An H-E-B spokesperson confirmed plans to rapidly expand both Primary Care and Nutrition Services to stores across the state over the next few years. The clinics offer medical care for those 12 and older with affordable pricing and no insurance required. The clinic employs a staff of board-certified, physicians, nurses, and certified medical professionals that offer a variety of services, including doctor visits, lab work, vaccinations, dietitian consultations, physical therapy, clinical pharmacists, and more. H-E-B Wellness clinics take a science-based approach to health through nutrition. The medical professionals are trained in the use of diet and lifestyle to improve health and wellness as well as to decrease the risks of chronic illness. “In everything we do, our goal at H-E-B is to take care of Texans with a servant heart and a best-in-class experience you can trust. We believe that food plays an integral role in wellbeing, and as one of the largest sellers of food in the state of Texas, we’re committed to making it easy for Texans to live better and healthier,” says Craig Boyan, H-E-B President. The new 4,000 square foot clinics will make H-E-B a one-stop-shop for food, health care, physical therapy, and nutrition services.