H-E-B Opens Historic Nutty Brown Location in Southwest Austin

San Antonio-based H-E-B recently opened a 107,000 square foot location at the iconic Nutty Brown site in Southwest Austin, Texas. Steeped in a legacy spanning over 70 years, this store incorporates the site’s historical essence through building materials and memorabilia sourced from its iconic past. The building location previously housed the Nutty Brown Café and Amphitheatre, and initially served as the home of Nutty Brown Mills, originally a flour mill and candy shop. The store integrates elements like red brick from the original oven of the Nutty Brown Café, showcasing the design team’s attention to preserving this history. A tribute wall near the entrance is adorned with vintage photographs and vibrant iconography inspired by the site’s original signage, including the blue “Welcome” awning and the Cowboy neon sign. Mike Farr, who owned the Nutty Brown Café and Amphitheatre, donated historical memorabilia that he collected over two decades, including 15 signed guitars from Texas musicians displayed at both entrances.

Thoughtfully tailored to harmonize with the surrounding Bear Creek, Cedar Valley, and Dripping Springs communities, the store’s exterior design embraces the Hill Country aesthetic. Towering entry structures and ample windows above the checkouts allow natural light to flood in, while indigenous trees have been added to the landscape. Sarah Longoria, Nutty Brown H-E-B’s Top Store Leader, emphasized the significance of preserving the iconic landmark’s history while creating a shopping experience that will endure for years to come. The store, designed to provide an exceptional shopping journey, highlights fresh, premium-quality food choices at H-E-B’s everyday affordable prices.

This H-E-B store is not just a retail space but an economic engine, generating over 400 jobs at the Nutty Brown location. H-E-B, renowned as Texas’ largest private employer, contributes to local communities by creating meaningful employment opportunities across its diverse operations. The company is also one of the state’s largest philanthropic organizations. During the store’s ribbon-cutting ceremony, H-E-B reaffirmed its commitment to local nonprofits by presenting a total of $20,000 in donations. Guided by its Spirit of Giving philosophy, H-E-B contributed $5,000 each to the Central Texas Food Bank, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, and Treefolks. Additionally, two donations of $2,500 were extended to the Dripping Springs Education Foundation, supporting Sycamore Springs Elementary School and Rooster Springs Elementary School.