H-E-B Ties with Publix and Costco for Top Spot Customer Satisfaction Index

H-E-B is again topping the list of customer-preferred grocery stores, according to a recent survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The ASCII is an economic indicator of U.S. consumer sentiment that is based on a nationwide survey in which U.S. consumers are asked to rate the products and services that they use. In this year’s rankings, H-E-B secured the top position out of 19 grocery stores, sharing the honor with Costco and Florida-based Publix, all earning a total of 85 points. Trader Joe’s claimed the second spot, having been the leader in 2023, while Walmart-owned Sam’s Club secured third place with 83 points.

H-E-B demonstrated notable improvement, scoring 81 points the previous year and experiencing a 5% increase in the latest survey. The ACSI based its rankings on various factors, including store hours, location, quality of meat and produce freshness, store cleanliness, and checkout process speed. Since 1994, the ACSI has annually sought customer opinions nationwide to evaluate popular supermarket chains.

The list includes national chains like Target and Amazon-owned Whole Foods, as well as regional options like Wegman’s in New York and Meijer, originating in Michigan and gaining popularity across the Midwest.

Founded in 1905 in Kerrville by Florence Butt, H-E-B has grown from a single store into the largest privately owned grocery chain with over 420 locations throughout Texas and Mexico.