Inflation Rising, Lidl Prices Falling


Lidl US announced that it will introduce rotating price cuts in all of it stores. Lidl kicked off the price-cutting campaign on September 28th, which will continue throughout the fall season, with price drops on more than 100 everyday items rotating throughout the season. Items up for rotating discounts range from ready-to-cook meals such as Stone Oven Margherita Pizza selling for $4.45, dessert indulgences such as mini mix frozen dairy dessert bars for $4.49, and pantry staples such as premium extra virgin olive oil vinaigrettes dropping to $3.59. “We recognize that inflation and rising food prices are impacting many families and we hope to give more relief through this Fall price-cutting campaign,” said Lidl US Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President of Purchasing Stefan Schwarz. “We are committed to offering all of our customers the best value in our stores every day, and we continue to invest in additional ways for customers to save money when we know it matters most.” This announcement comes following a new report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that the overall cost of groceries rose by 13.5% in the last year. The discount grocer operates more than 12,000 stores and is active in 32 countries. The company established its U.S. headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, in June 2015, and operates more than 170 stores across nine East Coast states.