INFRA Agreement with Rainforest Distribution

Effective July 1st, 2022, INFRA entered into an agreement with Rainforest Distribution. Rainforest is a regional grocery and perishable distributor based in New Jerset with three warehouses in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. The purpose of the agreement is to bring cost of goods savings to INFRA Members located primarily in INFRA’s NE Region.

While INFRA Members use Rainforest to access brands that are only available through regional partners, there is some brand overlap with national distribution. Accordingly, beginning with the January 2023 program, INFRA Deal discounts will be passed through Rainforest on those items that they carry. Although the brand and any featured items must be in KeHE, all items listed on the contract that are in Rainforest will have discounts applied. The total KeHE discount (OI+MCB) will be provided through Rainforest as an MCB. Rainforest does not upcharge, thus the bill back to the vendor will be for the discount on units sold only. INFRA has added a disclaimer to the national and regional contracts to cover this circumstance. The result will be an increase in sales for all
parties, with no increase in fees. It is truly a win-win-win situation for members, vendors, and distributors.

“We are excited to provide new benefits for our members and we look forward to expanding opportunities and driving sales for all parties,” said Andy Huth, Promotions Program Manager for INFRA.