KeHE Distributors Expands its Aurora Distribution Center

KeHE has experienced rapid growth in recent years resulting in an increase in distribution to over 30,000 retail outlets across North America to date. This new expansion aims to serve new independent customers. The expansion will add 124,000 additional square feet across all temperature zones, including 33% more freezer space, 66% more capacity in cooler, and 43% more in dry space.

“KeHE is thrilled to announce this expansion, especially in such a key location,” said Chris Graas, Vice President of Sales at KeHE. “Our goal is to continue to provide exceptional and expanded service to the region. Since Colorado is a hub for product innovation and sustainability within the food & beverage industry, KeHE is committed to having a significant impact and presence in this community. By establishing an innovation destination and creating a place to experience KeHE Goodness, we are eager to expand our scope and business in Boulder to better serve our partners.”

In addition to serving new, independent customers, the expansion of this distribution center will bring new employment opportunities to the Aurora and Boulder areas including Selector, Forklift Operator, and Receiver positions. KeHE will bring new jobs and professional growth opportunities to the community, while continuing to drive economic growth to the area.

“Aurora is proud to have KeHE Distributors in our city and honored that they have chosen our city to expand their facility here,” said Aurora, Colorado’s Mayor, Mike Coffman.