KeHE DIVERSEtrade Vendors Alert

KeHE is dedicated to advancing diverse suppliers via their DIVERSEtrade program (women, minority, LGBTQ+, veteran, Indigenous, differently abled). If you are interested in joining DIVERSEtrade, please upload your certification in the KeHE Connect Supplier Portal for consideration or send to your KeHE Distributor Account Executive to upload. 

Existing DIVERSEtrade Suppliers: Make sure your certification in the portal is NOT expired. If it is expired, they will be REMOVED from the program come May.

Applications for CAREtrade Program now open

Does your company help relieve human suffering? If so, we encourage you to apply to the CAREtrade program for calendar year 2024. Send your application to by May 21st, 2023, and copy your KeHE Distributor Account Executive.

CAREtrade’s purpose is to increase awareness of and sales for brands that live KeHE’s values. To be considered:

  • CAREtrade suppliers should align with KeHE’s dedication of serving to make lives better.
  • The focus should be reliving human suffering which aligns with KeHE Cares® philosophy.
  • Suppliers should have an active, supportive role in their philanthropic activities.

KeHE’s Selection Process is as follows:

  • All brands will be reviewed by the CAREtrade committee comprised of a variety of KeHE employees from multiple disciplines (sales, supply chain, category management, etc.)
  • Finalists will be invited to a pitch slam competition to discuss their brand/mission
  • Five suppliers are selected each year
  • Final brands selected will cross several product categories, giving platforms and geographies.
  • Sales minimum of $25,000 but less than $1M at KeHE.
  • Demonstrated proof of concept in the retail marketplace.
  • Supplier must have a financial investment in their philanthropic program as well as a solid business plan.
  • Nationwide distribution capabilities Suppliers will be notified by June 30th, 2023, with the results.