KeHE DPI Integration Update

At the end of June, KeHE announced as part of their FOOD Strategy, the completion of its acquisition of DPI Specialty Foods. 

As the first phase of the integration, Kroger’s Dallas (Div 35), Dillons (Div 615), and Houston (Div 34) divisions previously serviced out of DPI’s Rocky Mountain facility began shipping out of KeHE’s Dallas Distribution Center (DC 19) on October 29th

To further align, beginning January 2024, KeHE and DPI will follow the same price change calendar. Products built in either system with an upcoming price change will need to be submitted on both the KeHE Connect Supplier platform and the DPI Supplier platform. 

  • Even if an item was ONLY in the DPI Henderson (RM) warehouse, January 28th, 2024 price changes need to be submitted into KeHE Connect and DPI Supplier Portal. 
  • If an item was ONLY in the DPI Henderson (RM) warehouse, price changes can be submitted in KeHE CONNECT ONLY starting with February 24th, 2024.