KeHE Independent Channel Consolidation Update

KeHE has communicated the final phase in their process to consolidate the independent channels. In September of 2021, we were notified that they would no longer be accepting natural or grocery single channel promotions. As of May 2023, any published promotions will be passed to all retailers. Earlier this year, KeHE restructured their independent sales team in effort to simplify business with all KeHE partners. The independent team covers a geographic area calling on both natural and or grocery independent retailers.

The communication below outlines the consolidation of the advertising publications. They are eliminating separate natural and grocery publications and moving to one KeHE Promotional Buying guide. Please note that the promotional pass methodology did not change; they will continue to pass natural promotions as percentages and grocery promotions as dollars. In addition, the advertising prices will remain the same for 2023. 

  • Changed the supplier minimum for the Crazy Good Deals from 15% to 20%. plus, applicable KeHE funding.
  • Changed the supplier minimum for the Case Stack highest level from 30% to 35%, plus, applicable KeHE funding. 
  • Retailer deal will not exceed 50% (e.g., if Supplier Deal is 37%, KeHE funding will be 13%).
  • Product images will be automatically downloaded from IX-ONE.  KeHE will create the advertising artwork for Crazy Good Deals and Full-Page Promo Ads. 
  • New Advertising ROI, publication & digital media data analytics. 

Both the Crazy Good Deal and Case Stack ads have historically been for the natural channel independent retailers only but starting in May 2023 will also be passed to the grocery independent retailers as well.