KeHE New AOM and GTIN Requirements

KeHE logoAOM Requirements

KeHE announces their new AOM (Advanced Order Management) requirements to help maintain constant flow of innovated and new items that complement their core mix. 

KeHE’s AOM requirements for GBB (Good Better Best), tiers have been updated to the below:

BESTNEWELEVATECAREtradeDIVERSEtrade = 20 PODs (Points of Distribution)
GOOD = 60 PODs

KeHE GTIN Requirements

KeHE sent a follow up action notification regarding the GTIN requirements. All products sold to KeHE must have a unique 14 digit case GTIN (ITF-14) barcode to identify products at the warehouse receiving pack, sellable case pack, and item level. 

As a KeHE Supplier, you should have already created and registered your GTIN-14 Barcode with GS1.

What are the next steps?

  1. GTIN-14 Barcode Data Verification.
  • KeHE is currently working to verify existing GTIN-14 Barcodes for all products supplied to KeHE.
  • Over the next three months, KeHE will contact each supplier via email from a dedicated KeHE email address requesting that you verify the unique GTIN-14 Barcode for each of the products supplied to KeHE at the warehouse receiving pack, sellable case pack, and item level.
  1. Product GTIN-14 Barcode Labeling and Identification. You must ensure that you provide accurate and complete GTIN-14 Barcode information for proper product labeling and identification as specified in KeHE’s Inbound Routing Guide, as was further explained in the April 2022 GTIN-14 Barcode Supplier Action Required Notice Letter.

It is supplier’s responsibility to create the GTIN-14 barcode, and supplier remains independently obligated to provide accurate and complete information for proper product labeling and identification. Supplier shall be responsible and liable to KeHE for any fees, fines, costs, or expenses caused as a result of supplier’s inaccurate GTIN-14 Barcode information or non-compliance. Supplier’s continued supply of products to KeHE shall constitute its acknowledgement of and agreement to this notice. Should you not comply with this notice, KeHE may, at its option and sole discretion, restrict or discontinue your products.