KeHE Signs Exclusive Partnership with Rodale Institute

KeHE signed an exclusive partnership with Rodale Institute on March 15th, 2023. Rodale Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the regenerative organic agriculture movement through rigorous research, farmer training, and education.

This collaboration will support the advancement of organic farming and regenerative practices and products in the food industry, which are considered the gold standard in the market as they focus on building soil health as a way to enhance the health of people and the planet. KeHE will be better equipped to continue being the first to market with great tasting, innovative products for consumers.

Rodale Institute co-created the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) that prohibits toxic synthetic chemicals and GMOs and focuses on soil health. Regenerative organic certification adds animal welfare and social fairness to its core certification criteria. The organization’s decades-long research has also been instrumental in proving that organic systems are more resistant to extreme weather, use 45% less non-renewable energy and release 40% fewer carbon emissions. Additionally, a recent analysis from the Rodale Institute found that on average, organically produced foods pack 25% more nutrients than non-organically produced products.

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with KeHE,” said Annie Brown, Vice President of Development at Rodale Institute. “As like-minded market innovators, we are joining forces to continuously improve organic and regenerative organic farming practices and advance new learnings from the labs and farms to exciting new products for retailers and consumers.”

“Natural, organic, fresh and specialty food sales continue to outpace traditional grocery items and this is fueled by consumer demand for healthier and more sustainably produced food,” said Amy Kirtland, EVP, Innovation and Growth at KeHE. “This partnership allows us to continue to support best-in-class organic farming practices while providing customers with superior products — it’s a win/win for all and we are extremely excited about working together.”