King Soopers Diverts Nearly 20 Million Pounds of Produce from Landfills

King Soopers is on a mission to create communities free from hunger and food waste by 2025. They’re working to accomplish this through their Zero Hunger | Zero Waste program. This sustainability and service program is part of King Sooper’s community and environmental impact plan to help both get fresh quality food into the hands of those that need it through local food banks, and to minimize environmental impact by diverting compostable food waste items from the landfills.  

Execution of the programs involves employee store walk-throughs to collect any products that are marked down across multiple departments like produce, bakery, deli, and meat/seafood. Items able to be donated to local food banks are done so through the Food Rescue Program to help get fresh and edible food into the hands of families in need. To divert even more food, produce and organic compostable items not eligible for donation are given to a third-party company to convert into compost that can then be sold in the stores. Last year, 125 King Soopers stores participated in the sustainability program and diverted a combined total of 19.8 million pounds of produce from being sent to the landfills through the compost program.   

“We’ve been committed to our Zero Hunger, Zero Waste program and just making sure that we’re being a responsible retailer and a good steward of the environment,” said Jessica Trowbridge, Corporate Affairs Manager, King Soopers and City Market. Further resources for the community can be found on King Sooopers’ website such as “Recipes to Reduce Food Waste at Home” with the AI Kroger ChefBot, packaging recycling and fridge organizing tips to reduce waste, and in-store and mail-in recycling options.