King Soopers Plans Large Store for Fountain

The city of Fountain, Colorado has been named the next location for a “king-sized” King Soopers location. Set to anchor at 21-acre shopping center southeast of Mesa Ridge Parkway and Syracuse Street. This largescale King Soopers marketplace format will offer full lines for groceries, produce, meat, shoes, dinnerware, small appliances, lifestyle items, and it will include a pharmacy.

The Fountain Valley area, with a population of 109,000, has been described as a “retail-starved” area. To meet the demand, development company Evergreen Devco will spearhead the project. Devco has accomplished two other similar largescale King Soopers anchor locations that include surrounding retail and coffee shops, auto parts stores, restaurants, and service-oriented businesses.

To help residents gain easier access to the new shopping center, the Fountain Municipal Transit will add a stop at the shopping center that will connect Colorado Springs with its Mountain Metro system.

Devco is looking to start construction in Fall 2023 and open the “king-sized” doors in 2025.