Kroger Committed to Local Supplier Accelerator

For the second year in a row, Cincinnati-based Kroger staged its Go Fresh and Local Supplier Accelerator program in May.  The program is designed to accelerate and enhance the selection of local items sold in the 2,700 Kroger stores.  Suppliers could apply to be considered for the program, which is a two day event in Cincinnati in August.  Kroger’s category management team reviews applications selecting 30 finalists to attend.  These finalists then have an opportunity to present their wares to Kroger leadership and then 15 finalists are invited to meet with Kroger Executives.  Five winners are then selected all of which receive product placement on Kroger shelves.  “Kroger is fully committed to supporting a diverse group of innovative, local suppliers, who can bring a great assortment of fresh products to our customers,” said Stuart Aitken, Kroger’s Chief Merchant and Marketing Officer.  “Kroger committed to investing $10 billion in diverse suppliers by 2030, and the Go Fresh and Local Supplier Accelerator is a successful way to catapult Kroger closer to that goal.”