LA Mend – The Good Patch Graduates from Elevate Program

The Good Patch has graduated from the KeHE elevate™ program by reaching $1M in sales. The program is two years or once $1M in sales has been reached. Congratulations to The Good Patch for this huge accomplishment! 

The Good Patch is graduating as a BEST supplier, which is the highest score at KeHE. Some of the key benefits in being a BEST supplier are:

  • Activation of a DC requires only 20 PODs
  • Advertising Discounts
  • Broad National POG Assortment
  • Full Sales Team Support
  • Full Participation in National Category Reviews
  • Show Registration/Acceptance Priority

From Christine Casey, KeHE Category Manager, “We are so excited to continue to support you on your growth journey and see the places you will go! It has been a pleasure to partner with you and see your growth first-hand thus far! Rooting for you and excited to see you continue to grow The Good Patch and offer your amazing products to the industry!”