Lassens Acquires New Location in Hawaii

Lassens Natural Foods and Vitamins announced it will be partnering with Papaya’s Natural Foods in Kauai, Hawaii starting June 12th, 2023 . The partnership marks a significant expansion for Lassens, which now has a presence in Hawaii for the first time.

Papaya’s Natural Foods has been a staple in the Kauai community for over 30 years, offering a wide range of natural and organic products, including fresh produce, supplements, and natural beauty products. Lassens is excited to have the opportunity to work with Papayas and to build on their reputation for offering high-quality, organic, and locally-sourced products. They believe that the acquisition of Papayas Natural Foods is an excellent opportunity for them to expand their product offerings and to better serve customers.

Lassens is excited to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones as they continue to grow and expand.