McKay’s and the Community

McKay’s Market is an Oregon independent chain. It started over 70 years ago in Coos Bay and quickly grew to 23 stores spread throughout the Willamette Valley. They downsized over the years and today operate 11 stores along Oregon Southern coast, from Lincoln City to Brookings.

McKay’s is a pillar of the coastal community. In 2007, that under the direction of the owner’s son Chuck McKay, became over 30% employee owned. He considered this to be one of his finest gifts to the company which is still echoed in their moto, “Oregon Grown, Employee Owned”.

Shortly after, in 2013, CEO Bill Caldwell led the local hero to the accomplishment of being 100% employee owned. 

Today this coastal gem faces many economic challenges including competition, staffing challenges, labor budgets and theft. They stand strong by having community centered events drawing people in like the Meat Bonanza sale. Owned by the local communities, this retailer partners and forges a bond that will thrive for years to come.