Mollie Stone’s VIP Box Now Available

Mollie Stone’s, of Northern California has come up with a creative marketing vehicle to reward devoted shoppers and promote products. The new VIP Box will be delivered directly to Mollie Stone’s customers containing sample items and coupons to encourage consumers to return to purchase more product.

This is intended to increase brand awareness while inspiring customers to get back into their stores to boost in-store velocity. The VIP’s receiving the boxes are invited to offer their opinion on the items. The boxes will have a QR code that takes the recipients to a website where the products are listed. This information will be compiled and shared with the contributors in the program.

One thousand boxes will be sent quarterly to loyal customers. Mollie Stone’s is looking for vendors to participate in their program with coupons, non-perishable items and new innovations that will excite the consumers. The VIP box is launching to the community in early 2023. By reaching out to shoppers outside of the store, Mollie Stone’s is going one step beyond to engage and reward their customers.

Please contact Erika Ranahan for details