Moscow Co-op Celebrating 50 Years Serving the Community

The Moscow Food Co-op is a cooperatively owned grocery store in Moscow, Idaho. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary throughout 2023. They are located at 121 East 5th Street. They started in 1973 with fresh local produce and a few bulk bins and many ideas. They have grown over the past 50 years adding the Co-op on Campus store for the University of Idaho students and staff in 2018.

In celebration of their 50th year in business, there were will be several events including demos, free samples, art walks, music, wine, and cheese tasting and many other activities. They have reopened the art gallery in the deli and the walls are decorated with historic merchandise and photos throughout the last 50 years. They are also offering the wall to local artists to display their art if it fits the theme “Cooperatively Grown for 50 Years!

As of April 1st, the co-op will be charging 21 cents for each large paper bag at the register. It is the exact cost of the paper bag, and they are hoping it will encourage customers to reuse bags and boxes. For each reusable shopping tote, produce bag, Eco To Go box, bulk containers, coffee mug or thermos reused the customer is given the opportunity to donate a five cent token to donate to any of the three community organizations that rotate every three months. A shopper can get up to 10 tokens per transaction and can donate to one of the charitable groups. Another great program the co-op is utilizing is Change for Good.

The Moscow Co-op is an integral part of the community and continues to support the families of Moscow, Idaho and will for at least another 50 years.