Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage Celebrations


Natural Grocers, family run since 1955, celebrates its 67th Anniversary on August 18th, 19th, and 20th. Philip and Margaret Isely started and maintain their business with the same mission – “to provide access to nutrition education and quality, healthy products at prices anyone can afford”. All 162 stores in 19 states will be joining in on the celebrations offering customers passive samples, in-store discounts, raffle prizes and more! They have requested partnership from the brands they carry in providing samples, coupons, raffle gifts and branded merchandise. Additionally, Natural Grocers is once again allowing in store demos at their locations. Product sampling can be an effective way to create lifetime buyers and it is very exciting news that active demos can be provided for the customer base. For information on how to participate emails can be sent to

Natural Grocers will also be hosting a Store Support Center crew appreciation BBQ celebrating its 350 crew members on September 15th. They’ve asked for contributions from brands they sell to provide grand prizes and/or food and beverages to be served to celebrate their hardworking employees. More information can be found by emailing