Natural Grocers’ Private Label Offerings Grow

Colorado-based Natural Grocers is expanding its house brand portfolio with new and upcoming offerings across several food categories. 

In April, the natural foods retailer announced the addition of three varieties of organic mustard, five new varieties of canned seafood, and two varieties of wild sardines. The grocer said sparkling spring water in non-BPA lined aluminum bottles is on the horizon for future additions. The Natural Grocers brand product line, started in 2016, now includes more than 800 products. Other private label items added in recent months include wild-caught, sustainably harvested frozen prepared seafood, Epsom salts and organic chocolate bars. With the recent announcements, Natural Grocers highlighted the affordability of its private label offerings. 

Raquel Isely, Vice President of Marketing for Natural Grocers, said in a statement that Natural Grocers chooses products and vendors for their private label that align with the NGVC’s values, which include supporting small farmers and environmental stewardship. The new organic mustards, for example, are based on a recipe that originated in Germany at the turn of the century. Isely said the canned seafood meets their  fish and seafood standards. Natural Grocers said that shoppers can expect to see more high-quality, store brand additions in the months ahead. Co-President Kemper Isely told investors early this year that Natural Grocers private label  products accounted for nearly 8% of total sales store-wide, an increase of 7.5% from the same time the previous year.  Kemper Isely indicated the boost was the result of heightened customer demand “in the quality and value of our entire offering.”

“Our Natural Grocers-branded products delivered premium quality at compelling prices and represent a third facet of our affordability. …Creating access to high-quality and affordable products and nutrition education has been a part of our legacy and is fundamental to our growth,” Kemper Isely said.