Natural Grocers Reveals 2024 Predictions

For the past eight years, Natural Grocers has assembled dedicated teams, including nutrition education, purchasing and analytics, health and wellness experts, registered dietitians, and certified natural foods chefs, to discern upcoming trends in various categories for the year ahead. The Colorado-based grocery retailer recently unveiled its Natural Grocers 2024 Trends, encompassing 12 trends across Health and Wellness, Body Care and Beauty, Food and Beverage, and Ecologically Thoughtful categories.

“This year’s trends piece incorporates an array of truly unique topics with products and practices we love,” said Raquel Isely, Vice President of Marketing for Natural Grocers, in a statement.

“Whether it’s menopause finally getting its due, embracing ‘skinimalism,’ educating yourself on synthetic biology, or trying out time-tested eating lifestyles like the Mediterranean Diet, we’re pleased to present our trends for the coming year,” Isley said.

The 2024 Trends feature insights and recommendations such as heat adaption becoming necessary for consumers to cope with hot weather stress, the importance of blood sugar balance for healthy weight maintenance, and increased attention to menopause with more conversations, education, and support – from diet and lifestyle modifications to supportive supplements and personal care products. In the body care and beauty category, trends include the rise of “skinimalism” for a simpler skincare routine and the popularity of hydroxyapatite toothpaste for oral health.

Ecologically Thoughtful Trends focus on consumers rejecting lab-grown meat in favor of organic and regenerative animal products. Additionally, there’s a growing push and consumer advocacy for defining “regenerative agriculture” as the term currently remains unregulated. Food & Beverage Trends highlight the continued popularity of “bring a board” party trends, the enduring appeal of the Mediterranean Diet, and a health priority in 2024 to replace high omega-6 oils in cooking with better-for-you options.

Natural Grocers also included a Try This Trend additional category, which features an idea or product for shoppers who want to investigate the trends for themselves. And for the second consecutive year, the Colorado-based grocer added a Bonus Trend, which “stands alone, while also touching every other trend.”