NCG Co+nvergence 2023

Another successful NCG Co+nvergence Vendor Showcase was held in St. Paul, Minnesota, on August 4th, 2023.  The PRESENCE NCG team kicked off the fun with a team dinner the night before, joined by local PRESENCE team members.

Retailer attendees totaled 368 this year.  There were 289 booths, and 75 of those were PRESENCE principals – over one-fourth of the total!

Several PRESENCE brands participated in workshops and breakfast. When the showcase opened, the floor was buzzing with activity. Feedback has been that it was busier than usual, and that the NCG members were engaged and enthusiastic. 

Donations were also raised for North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems and all leftover product was given to the local food shelf.

The after party was held at Amsterdam Bar and Hall. The road was closed to traffic, creating a great celebration between brands, brokers, NCG member co-ops, and NCG staff!