New Hampshire Welcomes First Zero Waste Grocery Store

With plastic being one of the biggest environmental threats to our planet, zero-waste grocery stores are popping up around the U.S. to encourage shoppers to move away from single use plastics and other environmentally harmful packaging. With more exposure on the West Cost, the East Coast is now getting more zero-waste love. Live Free Refillery, the first zero-waste grocery store in the state of New Hampshire, provides a selection of foods, body care products and cleaning supplies that have a gentler impact on our planet. This is through better packaging, better worker treatment, better animal treatment, better treatment of the environment, and better economic impact on our local community. Located at 460 State Route 101 in Bedford, New Hampshire, the 2,100 square-foot store takes the stress out of grocery shopping by offering a simplified selection of foods, in reusable or biodegradable packaging, from sources that can be trusted. The store offers bulk foods in produce, dairy, non-toxic body care products, cleaning supplies, and other planet-friendly items. Founded by Juliette Buell with 15 years of agriculture experience, Live Free Refillery is a farm-forward grocery store that is passionate about agriculture and understanding the needs of farmers.